Charitable Organization with Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Charitable Organization with Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Charitable Organization with Compassionate, Experienced Animal LoversCharitable Organization with Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Help us take care of our feathered & furry friends!


Next Auction in 2020 will be on the 8th March

 2019 was off the charts!!! let's make it solid in 2020 too!! 

About Us

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We provide a FREE rehoming service to the owner.

We take in any unwanted  fowl, birds and furry friends and small farm animals, (except Pigs), regardless of Sex, breed, health or age.  We also often get brought to us & attend to wildlife in need.  We have recently been lucky enough to have a volunteer expert in Reptiles and Invertebrates, as an animal shelter we will be happy to take any of those in.  We re-home ex commercial hens  and other commercial animals regularly throughout the year! 

We are family run organisation, from the youngest member of our family to the oldest, we all love animals! In between us we have Dogs, Cats, Squirrels, Pigeons, Canaries, Finches, Indian Ringnecks, Chipmunks, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, chickens, Quail, Goats, Pigs &  Fish! 

SEFFA-is Non-Profit Org. R.N. 9341689 and we survive solely from our community auctions, fundraising events and donations.

Help us by sending your donations through:

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Reliable & Trustworthy in the Community

SEFFA also provides the community with Monthly Feather &  Fur Auctions, (often called chicken  auction), where one can go to meet like minds, acquire or rehome a pet, refresh breeding stock, buy Supplies, tools &  Equipment or to have a lovely breakfast  at our Cafe with a Portuguese & English homemade Menu.  From February to October, every second Sunday of the month in Lakeside.

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Our Team of Regular Precious & Invaluable Volunteers

We are fully dedicated and committed to the smooth running of SEFFA a charitable organization.  From 9 of age right up to past the 50s, we are of many ages in between. From the Founder to the Youngest volunteer the commitment is the same.

Combined we have years and years of experience with all sorts of animals from the smallest of pets to the largest of life stock and buckets full of love and care to share.